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Free yourself up to grow in the direction you want, at the speed you want.

A Guide, not a system

Instead of discovering the latest Business Operating System, you choose a Guide focused on your growth. Your Guide becomes roped in with your leadership team. And instead of using a “one-size-fits-all system,” they provide a series of world-class tools customized to help you get up your business mountain. 

Of course, a path is already there. Nearly every business mountain has been conquered. The footprints are in the snow. You won’t take the exact path but will use those successes to build a powerful team of people, lead them with a passionate purpose, and create a playbook that will optimize performance and profits. 

PINNACLE is an evolution. We’ve packed up some of the finest business tools on the planet—all curated from hundreds of time-tested books, proven systems, and concepts, then custom-designed for your unique climb—all to help you gain the highest impact in the shortest amount of time. 

At PINNACLE we’ve hiked in your boots. We’ve been climbing some serious business mountains for over 30 years. We’ve also spent the past decade in classrooms learning, and teaching leadership teams how to implement growth. It’s not an easy journey, but in the end, the view is incredible.

Your Guide

John Fulwider photo
John Fulwider

Business owners risk everything building their companies, yet they end up wearing too many hats and stuck in the weeds. John Fulwider helps them create a self-managing company that gives them the freedom to grow in the direction they want, at the speed they want. John focuses on four industries: Manufacturing, Building Trades, Construction, and Software/Technology.

The Steps

  • Apply the right tools at the right time to get the results you want
  • Flexible — successful in all size businesses and industries
  • Address all issues rather than just applying a spot treatment
  • Dig below the surface of issues and address their root causes
  • Understand how it all comes together and appropriately apply business operating systems used by fast-growing Nebraska manufacturers like Montag Manufacturing, and Paraclipse Systems

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