Meat & Poultry HACCP

October 24- 25, 2023.  Meat and Poultry HACCP-Virtual

meat and poultry


The Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points (HACCP) system is the universal language of food safety management. This course will provide participants with knowledge and tools to develop and implement sanitation and HACCP plans for the meat and poultry processing industries as outlines in 9 CFR parts 416 and 417. The course content follows the approved curriculum of the “International HACCP Alliance” and is a combination of lectures, videos, and hands-on activities over two full days. 

Who Should Attend?

  • QA/QC, sanitation, and production personnel in facilities that manufacture raw and/or processed, meat and/or poultry products; 
  • Regulatory personnel tasked to evaluate HACCP plans and practices for the meat and poultry industry; and 
  • Any individual interested in learning about the application of HACCP principles to enhance the safety of meat and poultry products. 

Course Outline

  • Introduction to Food Safety and the HACCP System 
  • HACCP Federal Regulations 
  • Food Safety Hazards
  • Good Manufacturing Practices
  • Sanitation 
  • HACCP Preliminary Steps
  • Hazard Analysis & Preventive Measures
  • Identification of Critical Control Points
  • Establishment of Critical Limits 
  • Monitoring Critical Control Points 
  • Establishing Corrective Actions
  • HACCP Verification
  • Recordkeeping Procedures 
  • Validation of Food Safety Controls
  • HACCP Implementation
  • Food Safety Audits and Inspections
  • Sources of Information 

Benefits of Attending

Participants will gain an understanding of HACCP regulatory requirements (USDA-FSIS regulations), HACCP plan development, and HACCP system implementation. The course has multiple opportunities for discussion and ample time allocated for questions, examples, and case studies. At the end of the course, participants will receive proof of course completion with the seal of the International HACCP Alliance. 


October 24 and 25, 2023. 

8:30 am to 4:30 pm both days




$450/Person. Registration fee includes course materials as well as a certificate with the seal of the International HACCP Alliance. 

Course Policies:

  • Please note that you need a tablet or larger device to connect to this course. Given the interactive nature of the course, cell phone screens are too small to be able to capture all the information and participate actively. Additionally, I will request that your camera showing your face be on for the majority of the course. Lastly, please make sure you have adequate audio so that you can hear others and we can hear you as clearly as possible.
  • To successfully complete the course and receive a certificate of training, participants must be present for the entire delivery and actively participate in the exercises. If a participant misses portions of the course, his/her/their certificate will not be issued.
  • The Nebraska Extension educational programs abide with the nondiscrimination policies of the University of Nebraska–Lincoln and the United States Department of Agriculture.
  • All participants much register in advance.

DEADLINE FOR REGISTRATION: October 19, 2023 12:00 noon CT


Course capacity is 15.

For more information, please contact the instructor


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