Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Nebraska Manufacturing Extension Partnership (Nebraska MEP)?
Based at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, Nebraska MEP provides education and technical assistance to manufacturing businesses across the state. Nebraska MEP works one-on-one with small- and medium-sized manufacturers to help them remain competitive and in the process increase sales, grow profits, and create and retain jobs.

Nebraska MEP has a network of business advisers, technical experts and trainers within the University of Nebraska, the Nebraska Community College System, and outside consultants to assemble a skilled team capable of meeting your individual needs.

Where can I get information about training and workshop offerings?
View the Workshops & Events page or Contact Us directly with your specific request.

Why does the University of Nebraska-Lincoln charge for Nebraska MEP services?
While Nebraska MEP’s programs and services receive some state and/or federal funding support, additional revenue is necessary to cover all Nebraska MEP costs. Mostly, this is due to a requirement of the largest Nebraska MEP sponsor, the NIST Hollings’ Manufacturing Extension Partnership, which requires a 1:1 match for each federal dollar of investment. Fees for Nebraska MEP programs and services would likely be greater than they are if not for state and/or federal support. Our fees are set to provide you with a reasonable return on your investment.

Can you sign our confidentiality statement?
As state employees, we, as individuals, are not authorized to sign confidentiality agreements. However, the University of Nebraska-Lincoln Office of Sponsored Programs does have standard non-disclosure agreement (NDA) forms that are jointly signed by the designated university representative and the client. The agreement will list all University of Nebraska-Lincoln employees involved with a service agreement. The standard NDA is then signed by both parties and kept on file as needed for confidential project work. Client-requested changes to the standard agreement will require review and approval by legal counsel in the University of Nebraska-Lincoln Office of Sponsored Programs prior to service agreement work.

How does Nebraska MEP measure results and customer satisfaction?
Nebraska MEP is required to regularly report results of its work with clients to its federal partner, the Hollings’ Manufacturing Extension Partnership, part of the National Institute of Standards and Technology in the US Department of Commerce. These reports focus on the bottom line results of Nebraska MEP projects as measured and reported by the clients served. Your participation and feedback on post-project surveys is integral to gauging the value of our services and measuring impacts and improvements to manufacturing statewide and, by extension, nationwide.

Can I get a Summer Intern from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln (UNL) to work at my facility?
The University of Nebraska-Lincoln has formal and informal intern programs. A good place to begin looking is at Husker Hire Link.

If you are interested in improving operating efficiency and saving money through waste reduction, pollution prevention and/or resource conservation, check out UNL’s Partners in Pollution Prevention (P3) program.  P3 matches undergraduate students from the College of Engineering with businesses statewide.

You may also consider contacting Mike Nagle, Associate Director, at (402) 890-5020.

How can I find out if my child got accepted to the University of Nebraska-Lincoln?
Contact the University of Nebraska-Lincoln Office of Admissions at 1-800-742-8800 or