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ISO Certification Provides Ability to Grow



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Innovative Exhaust Solutions, Inc. (InExhaust)
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"We determined that ISO certification was a must-have for InExhaust to grow and compete in the marketplace. We consulted with the Nebraska MEP and they provided the right resources at the right time at a reasonable cost for a small manufacturer who wants to grow their market share. Knowing we are ISO-certified, our customers can be confident of InExhaust products, processes and customer service."

Juan Breucop, President

ISO Certification Provides Ability to Grow

Innovative Exhaust Solutions designs and fabricates custom exhaust systems for the diesel and gas industries.  The company was established in 2016 by Juan Breucop and Mike Rodriguez, who bring over 50 years of combined experience in exhaust system manufacturing, power generation, emissions, and the oil and gas industries.  Their product line includes three major exhaust categories: silencers, thermal insulation covers and accessories.  InExhaust employs 25 people in Lincoln, Nebraska.


In order to grow sales and compete effectively in the marketplace, InExhaust required ISO 9001:2015 certification.


InExhaust chose the Nebraska MEP to provide fair and unbiased expertise, and ISO training delivery to their 25-person staff using a third-party ISO consultant.  The Nebraska MEP helped prepare InExhaust personnel for two internal audits by the consultant and delivered an audit report, checklist, photolog/objective evidence and a listing of nonconformances, observations and suggestions.


InExhaust was awarded ISO certification, providing a key differentiating factor in marketing to new and existing clients.  InExhaust actively markets their ISO certification, which resulted in an increase of $50,000 in sales and cost savings of $5,000 over the first year on an investment of $8,000.

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ISO 9001-2015