Workshops & Events

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Workshops & Events

Nebraska MEP hosts numerous events and workshops for manufacturers. A variety of training classes are available through our partner, Central Community College. In addition, we can create customized trainings and workshops to fit your needs. Contact Us for more information.

Extrusion Workshop

The Extrusion Workshop is an introductory, hands-on workshop combining extrusion theory and techniques with pilot plant exercises emphasizing real-world product development in a variety of food categories. The workshop combines lectures and pilot plant demonstrations from both industry and faculty experts. Learn more. 

Food Microbiology Workshop

This professional development and educational opportunity will allow attendees to understand and conduct basic microbiological tests on food, including meats, processed food, raw commodities, and ingredients. They will gain confidence in their laboratory skills and in the interpretation of results, and be able to make critical decisions on testing methodologies. Learn more.

Food Safety

To meet the requirements of the 2011 Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA), facilities that process human or animal food must now have a “Qualified Individual” to oversee preparation of the food safety plan, validation of preventative controls, records review, and the reanalysis of the food safety plan. Learn more.

M2M Series Presents: Managing Cyber Security Risks

This event educates manufacturers on the heightened risk of cyber threats and how to take measures to secure your company’s intellectual capital. Managing Cyber Security Risks is part of the M2M exchange series, which provides opportunities for owners, executives and senior managers of manufacturing businesses to learn industry best practices, socialize, and share experiences for the advancement of the overall  manufacturing industry. Learn More. 

M2M Series Presents: Succession Planning & Other Corporate Transitions

This event provides professional guidance to manufacturing companies going through succession, acquisition, mergers, or other corporate transitions. Transitions can be messy and complicated situations, and it is critical to have advice, cautions and guidance from trusted and experienced professionals. Learn more. 

M2M Series Presents: Supply Chain Optimization

Competition is no longer between companies, it’s between supply chains. Remaining competitive in the global marketplace demands that manufacturing supply chains be agile, flexible, and responsive to a set of complex dynamics. This course will help you to develop suppy chain methods and apply them to your business model. Learn more. 

P3: Partners in Pollution Prevention

This program matches engineering and science interns from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln with businesses and industrial facilities to help identify, evaluate, and implement resource conservation and pollution prevention projects. Learn More.

Process Control Essentials Short Course

This course provides industrial bioprocess personnel with a better understanding of all elements in a PID control loop including the sensor, actuator, process, and controller. Participants will gain hands-on experience operating and tuning loops using pilot scale equipment.  Several different tuning methods and control structures will be explored. 

The OSHA Regulatory Approach To Process Safety Managment

This course will provide employees with a deeper understanding of Process Safety and Process Safety Management that goes beyond personal worker safety.  This course covers key process safety areas including risk based process safety, process hazard analysis, regulatory compliance, and process safety in plant operations. Learn More. 

Lean Marketing for Manufacturers

Six weekly webinar sessions (45-60 minutes each) conducted by Amazon bestselling author Richard Johnson of 21st Century Marketing Systems, Inc. will provide participants with a 4-step Lean Marketing System that eliminates sales and marketing waste and inefficiencies. The system optimizes and leverages a company's current marketing opportunities and processes to allow growth to occur without increasing the sales and marketing budget. Learn More.