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Supervisor six-pack

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Equip and refresh your company's supervisors with proven tools that increase productivity, improve relationships, and help improve your company's profitability.  The Nebraska MEP is offering a set of six monthly training sessions conducted on site at your facility 6 to 20 employees per session.  These classes range from 4-6 hours to maximize your employee's time. 

Sessions include:

Job Relations

Job Instruction

Job Methods

Problem Solving 

Lean 101

5S - The Visual Workplace

Learning Objectives:

The Nebraska MEP Supervisor Six-Pack


   Teaches supervisors how to quickly train employees to do a job correctly, safely and conscientiously. (MORE)


JR can     Teaches supervisors how to evaluate and take proper actions to handle and to prevent people problems. (MORE)


   Teaches supervisors how to continuously improve the way jobs are done. (MORE)

LEAN 101

Lean101 can   Learn how to identify wastes and improve efficiency, standardize process and practices in your organization and how to demonstrate to customers, suppliers, and others that your organization is using best practices to improve the experience of working with your firm. (MORE)


Problem solving can This interactive training provides supervisors and key employees with a basic overview of the problem-solving process. The training includes problem-solving definition, the benefits of a good process, and provides basic starting points for each participant to develop their problem-solving skills. (MORE)


5S can   5S is a system for organizing workspaces for peak efficiency, effectiveness, and safety. This system helps put everything where it belongs and maintains a clean workplace  without wasting time or risking injury. (MORE)



Who is this training for?

Supervisors, line leads, and production managers.


Training consists of six monthly classroom sessions conducted on site, each session runs 4-6 hours.  Each participant will receive lectures on each tool, hands on group practices and ideas on the implementing tools in their workplace. 
Each attendee who has successfully completes each session and have met the requirements will receive a certificate. 


SIX PACK $10,000 for all six on-site sessions (for up to 20 participants). Includes all training materials.

INDIVIDUAL SESSIONS $2000 per on site session (for up to 20 participants). Includes all training materials.

The company is required to provide a classroom space, refreshments and lunches.

 Registrations are non-refundable, and must be paid prior to start of class.  

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