Lean 101 Simulation Workshop

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Lean101 simulation


Lean 101 is an industry-leading certification program that provides individuals and companies with a comprehensive guide for professional and workforce development that is in line with Manufacturing Industry standards. It involves innovative ways of thinking with real hands-on applications, leading to improved results. Lean is a smart way to do business that can result in many benefits for companies that practice its components.
Among the benefits:

  • Helps identify workforce developmental opportunities
  • Helps improve job performance
  • Can standardize process and practices in your organization
  • Helps demonstrate to customers, suppliers, and others that your organization is using best practices to improve the experience of working with your firm
  • Can result in happier and more content employees

Target Audience:

Company leadership, supervisors, and key line personnel.

Delivery Method:

1-day class using a Lego airplane simulation process to help the understanding of these principles:

  • Excellent method to break down paradigms
  • Start with a key group that needs to have support from ownership \ management
  • Transforms  current state to owners of the process and shared responsibility for their key areas
  • Visual, hands-on demonstration of how changes can improve productivity
  • Raises awareness level of what to look for in waste and process improvements Helps to break down employees’ natural resistance to change
  • Employees involved in the simulation understand why lean production methodologies are necessary
  • Removal of fears regarding change while encouraging them to identify non-value added activity

Participants operate six simulated workstations along the assembly line in their imaginary aircraft plant. The four-phase simulation begins with participants producing airplanes using a traditional plant layout. In phases two and three, they redesign their work area into a cellular layout and learn to utilize one-piece workflow with a pull system. In the final phase, they experience the concepts of a flexible workforce and load leveling. Supplier problems, labor skills, deadlines, quality control, and other real-life situations have been incorporated into each phase of the simulation. Each phase includes time for comments and discussion.

The staff of the Nebraska MEP have 100 years of shared manufacturing experience in a variety of settings and roles including engineering, management and leadership. Our Lean curriculum is based on standard best practices as well as practical, real-world, manufacturing experience. Lean methodology was formulated in manufacturing and is based on two guiding principles: continuous improvement and respect for the individual. Let the Nebraska MEP put our experience to work for you. Lean is a mindset that provides the necessary tools to drive continuous improvement. It is not a program but rather a platform to support development of your people, address flow and engage all employees within a company.

Learning outcomes:

Teaches the following advanced manufacturing practices:

  • The benefits of cellular manufacturing  over traditional plant layouts
  • The effects of rapid throughput with traditional manufacturing
  • Work-in-progress as a manageable asset
  • Inventory risks
  • Independent cross training
  • One-piece workflow with a pull system

Participants receive certification from the Nebraska MEP and the University of Nebraska-

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