Job Instruction Webinar

Thursday, February 11, 9:00 a.m. - A 90 minute webinar course Job Instruction Webinar

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Thursday, February 11

9:00 a.m


Job Instruction (JI) training is designed to develop basic stability of your processes (standard work). This program teaches the method to instruct an operator how to perform a job correctly, safely and conscientiously. As is frequently the case, most processes are performed by various workers using different methods. Job Instruction training requires you identify the “one best way,” teach the process to this one way, and thereby create a standard method. The basis of stability is generated by doing the same thing the same way across operators and shifts. By utilizing Job Instruction you gain the benefits of consistent training and also develop a stable process to apply continuous improvement upon.

Delivery Method:

Live via Zoom.

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Learning Outcomes

Job Instruction
Prepare the Worker Present the Operation Try Out Performance Follow Up

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