Standing Out: The Importance of Unique Marketing for Long-Term Growth

Standing Out: The Importance of Unique Marketing for Long-Term Growth

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It’s no secret that in order to build a successful business, you need to expend time and resources on marketing. It doesn’t matter if you’ve got the best product or service in your field or even the world. If you’re not effectively communicating that message to your target market, you may as well not be selling anything.

Effective marketing is essential to gaining visibility for your company and attracting interested consumers who will hopefully be converted to paying customers. What most people fail to understand is that simply getting your brand out there is not enough. To truly be competitive in your field and really succeed you must learn not only how to be seen, but more importantly, how to be heard.

Anywhere you go, everywhere you look, you’re being exposed to some form of marketing or advertising. According to Media Dynamics Inc. people are exposed to about 5,000 branded messages per day. In this modern age of technology, there are more ways for people to communicate with each other than one can count. Thanks to the incredibly rapid advancement of technology, people are connected as never before. In the same way this rise of connectivity has allowed people to communicate more with each other, it has also given companies more opportunities to expand their brand's reach and spread their message further, giving new meaning to the term mass communications.

All of the exposure that comes with increased connectivity is not without problems.  For all of the talking that is going on, few people are listening. Due to the oversaturation of media, most of the messaging that’s being thrown at consumers turns into white noise. As a people, we’ve become really good at tuning things out. We’re especially adept at disregarding messaging that is consistently repeated to us. The only things that really catch our attention are those items noticeably out of the ordinary or special. It is for this reason that businesses, now more than ever, must learn how to stand apart from their competition.

 Recognizing this key principle of marketing and being able to analyze one’s own company for unique selling propositions is essential. Unfortunately, this is an issue that many business owners lack either the skill or the time to address.  What is to be done?

Nebraska MEP, in collaboration with Amazon Best Selling author Richard Johnson, is offering a webinar to give you insights on how to position your business to STAND APART from the competition and GROW your operations using a simple FOUR STEP marketing and sales system. The free webinar will be offered at 10:00AM on August 23rd and repeated on August 25th at 2:00PM. 

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Thursday, July 28, 2016