Nebraska Critical Manufacturing Capabilities

This survey is a collaboration of the State of Nebraska and the Nebraska MEP to capture smaller-capacity capabilities from manufacturers within the state of Nebraska.   Manufacturers who can provide larger-capacities to the nationwide cause should respond the national survey from the Foundation for Manufacturing Excellence. 

A number of State agencies and private organizations have received inquiries from Nebraska manufacturers that have the capabilities to provide needed medical equipment for hospitals and medical providers. The Nebraska Department of Administrative Services (DAS) has partnered with the Nebraska Manufacturing Partnership (NMEP) to help organize the manufacturers with these capabilities and connect them with medical community.

For manufacturers, use the form below to register your company and list the products your company is able to produce in short deadlines.

For people in the medical community that want to access these companies and order needed supplies, please contact:
Doug Carlson, Chief Procurement Officer for the State of Nebraska 402-471-0972

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Which of the following supplies can you provide and/or produce within two weeks? (Check all that apply.)