Success Stories 

Mapes Industries Inc
Nebraska Manufacturing Extension Partnership

"I would recommend that manufacturers work with Nebraska MEP as they can provide services that can help one become more competitive and efficient. After receiving the training from Nebraska MEP our associates were more aware of ways to increase productivity and eliminate waste. Additionally we have used Nebraska MEP to assist in a tooling process that was also impactful to our organization."

Luke Prussa, President

Lean Training leads to improved employee productivity 

Mapes Industries is a locally owned business engaged in manufacturing specialty architectural
panels and architectural canopies. Based in Lincoln, NE. the company was founded by J.S.
Mapes in 1952 as a manufacturer of storefront canopies and laminated veneer panels for building entrances and remodeling. The Mapes product line has evolved over the last 60 years to meet the changing needs of both developers and architects.


The company led by its Presidents ought to train their associates in the basics of Lean
Manufacturing to increase operational efficiency. Based on previous meetings they reached out to the Nebraska MEP for training assistance.


Nebraska MEP provided on-site Lean 101 training in two sessions for employees on the Principles of Lean Manufacturing in a classroom discussion combined with live simulation sessions that demonstrated the concepts learned in the lectures. Participants learned how to:

• Reduce cycle time
• Reduce floor space
• Reduce inventory
• Improve cash flow
• Improve productivity
• Stimulate teamwork

This training used a Lego simulation model. 


After participating in Lean training through Nebraska MEP efficiencies were realized that lead to a reduction in labor costs, estimated to save 5% or approximately $50,000. This was accomplished through improved processes throughout the manufacturing operation. The cost of $2,000 for this training was well worth the results achieved.