Recruiting & Retaining Women in Manufacturing Webinar

March 8, 2022 10:00 a.m. CT - A Nebraska MEP Webinar Recruiting & Retaining Women in Manufacturing

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Learn why recruiting women to your manufacturing operation can be key to creating a talented, problem-solving workforce.

Women in Manufacturing isn't just a slogan--it's a nationwide organization to assist manufacturers and women create successful careers and profitable results.  This webinar will be led by leaders from the Nebraska chapter of Women in Manufacturing.

This webinar will cover:

Who is WiM, Specifically WiM Nebraska
• What are the benefits to your company of providing this membership to your employees
◦ Networking
◦ Sense of belonging in a male-dominated industry
• What we do in the community

What are women looking for in manufacturing and the workforce in general
• Review of what brings women to Manufacturing
• Why they stay
• What they like about the office and plant floor (and where they are the same/different types of employees)
What can you do to make your businesss more attractive to female employees
• Schedulilng, environment, health/exercise/locker rooms
• On-site (or partnered nearby care) Physician’s Assistants
• Physical therapy
• Outlining promotion opportunities
• Promoting your female leadership as example of where new hires can aspire
Dream It, Do It
• Attracting younger people (ideals, flexibility, opportunities beyond just accounting or welding – the spectrum of what we offer: engineering, electrical, safety, etc)
• Skills USA, Internships, promoting to ‘future’ candidates

Date & Time:

March 8, 2022, 10:00 a.m. CT

The Presenters 

Emily Williams

Emily Williams

Director of Operations, Lindsay Corporation
WiM Chair - Nebraska Chapter

Emily has distinguished herself as a natural leader at Lindsay Corporation. Since joining the company, she has taken on and proven herself adept in a variety of roles. As materials manager, she decreased indirect labor expenses, managed the planners and schedulers toward 98 percent on-time delivery and decreased year-over-year inventories by 24 percent during the company’s busiest quarter. As plant manager of Lindsay’s road safety unit, Emily drove the company’s first 366-day accident-free streak. And as head of continuous improvement, she supports Lindsay’s North American as well as its global plants on their lean journey, driving cost savings, process improvements and labor efficiencies.

Emily is passionate about identifying and mentoring future female manufacturers and leaders. She chairs the Women in Manufacturing Nebraska chapter board, where she brings women in the company and the community together for networking and training opportunities.

Juli Thelen

Juli Thelen

Community Outreach Specialist, Behlen Mfg. Co.
WiM Director - Nebraska Chapter
DreamIt DoIt

Delivery Method:

Live via Zoom.

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