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What are our expectations of people on the frontline? We're asking them to make outgoing calls, cross-sell and upsell along with the expectation of providing higher service levels. But are we preparing them to do these tasks well, or are we setting them up for failure?

Sandler's Strategic Customer Care program is unlike any training available. This is not a "quick fix", short-term solution to success.  It provides long-term, incremental reinforcement training and coaching to ensure a return on the training investment.  Sandler's techniques are unique. They differentiate you from your competitors. In addition to provven technical skills, positive attitudes and productive behaviors are developed to effectively implement winning strategies.

Learning Objectives:

We will address the following question-Are you maximizing your inside business development efforts?

  • Do you customer service and inside sales people have the skills and confidence to recognize a business opportunity?
  • Do they too often provide "free consulting" and give out free information to people who are just "shopping around"?
  • Do they lack the questioning and qualifying skills to get to the heart of a prospect's needs?
  • Have you ever cringed listening to what your inside sales people say to prospects on the phone?
  • Is there more business available, but sales are often missed?


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