Are R&D Tax Credits For You?

Tuesday, December 7, 10:00 a.m. CT -  An NEMEP Webinar Are R&D Tax Credits For You?

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The most overlooked tax incentive, R&D tax credits. Does your company qualify? It just might. The Research and Development tax credit is often an overlooked benefit for businesses. Some businesses are just not aware of the tax credit. Others have common misconceptions about who can qualify.

Manufacturers often make large investments in new products, processes & packaging. They are often unaware that these efforts, and others, can yield a significant R&D tax credit. 

• Increase Cash Flow and ROI
• Lowers tax liability below AMT
• Startups can use credit to offset FICA (payroll taxes)

Qualifying Activities

  • Creation and improvement of product
  • Conceptualization, testing, validation, prototyping, securing IP
  • Creation, improvement, and/or modification of software for sale, service, product, or process. Includes website.
  • Creation and improvement of product or process often qualifies:
  • Creation or improvement of tools, mold, jigs, fixtures, etc. for product or process
  • Manufacturing planning and engineering - Lean, Six Sigma, SS, Kaizen, etc.

The Presenter 

Tony Hynp

Tony Hynp

Manages the Western region for RnD Consultants, a national firm that creates company-specific methodologies and software to quantify the broad scope of activities associated with product creation and process improvement. 

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In the 1990's Tony Hnyp worked with US manufacturers, integrating them with manufacturing facilities in Japan. He began pursuing US federal and state incentives for US companies in 1996, after receiving sizeable funding from the Japanese government to support sales of American products to Japan. In the following eight years Mr. Hnyp witnessed his manufacturing clients realize enormous savings utilizing research and export incentives. Since 2005 he has devoted himself solely to assisting US companies with the research and development tax credit, saving his clients tens of millions of dollars.

With a system in place companies can properly claim the generous research and development tax credit as they have access to documentation and substantiation for all appropriate activities. RnD Consulting serves public, middle market, as well as start-up companies throughout the country. Their performance-based business model is non-invasive, and non-disruptive to their clients' cash flow.

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Live via Zoom.

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