Success Stories

RD Industries, Inc.
Nebraska Manufacturing Extension Partnership

The ExporTech program provided us the tools to focus on our international business development. The strategies we learned during our training have been instrumental during our planning, not only for each global region (Asia-Pacific, EMEA, etc.) we are expanding into, but each country and city, as well as the different industries where our product can be applicable. I would recommend this program to anyone needing help exporting and/or looking to expand globally for the first time.

Raquel Kangas, International Sales Manager

Growing International Sales

RD industries is a global leader in the design, production and distribution of closed loop chemical containment and dispensing systems. Based in Omaha, Nebraska, this family-owned business with 80 employees is the only company in the industry offering a truly closed loop solution. These dispensing systems are beneficial to many industries, and are currently used by schools, hospitals, restaurants, hotels, agricultural operations, wineries, and more. Unlike their low-cost competitors, RD Industries is dedicated to producing high quality and customized dispensing options for their customers.


RD Industries has grown considerably since the release of their first caps and safety closures in 1968. The company has traditionally targeted chemical manufacturers in the janitorial and sanitation markets.  RD Industries differentiates itself through its quality offerings and customization; products are developed around the specifications of individual clients while also taking into consideration the unique scientific properties of the chemical(s) to be contained and/or dispensed. 

Although RD Industries is not new to exporting, the company has faced challenges in growing international sales. Obstacles include having to meet different regulatory requirements and certifications in foreign countries/regions, and competing against much larger companies that already have a global presence.


RD Industries heard about ExporTechTM through the State of Nebraska and, after learning more through the Nebraska MEP, decided to avail themselves of the program. Over a 3-month period in the first half of 2015, RD Industries attended sessions overviewing the export process and highlighting the various available services, networking with other manufacturers, meeting with a designated coach and, finally, developing an export marketing plan unique to their goals and objectives. The plan was shared and vetted by a panel of experienced manufacturing exporters.

According to Raquel Kangas of RD Industries, ExporTechTM was a valuable planning tool, compelling staff to step back from their daily routines and give focused thought to the company’s international expansion goals. ExportechTM helped RD Industries put a process in place and outline a formal strategy to grow sales into the mining, agriculture, winery, dairy, and oil industries and identify foreign markets for expansion. This plan has become a living document, one that continues to be used by RD Industries.


  • Sales increased 39% in the year of ExporTechTM participation

  • International sales through the first three quarters of 2016 have increased 20%

  • Invested $200,000 in new product development

  • Three jobs being retained and/or created with the expectation of adding two more international related positions in 2017