Three photos showing different aspects of manufacturing
M2M Series

As part of Nebraska MEP’s mission is to help the state’s manufacturing businesses grow and prosper, a new forum has been established with the purpose of spawning new ideas and opportunities to share best practices among industry members.  Coined the Manufacturer-to-Manufacturer exchange series, or simply M2M, this forum provides an opportunity for owners, executives and senior managers of manufacturing businesses to meet regionally on a recurring basis for exposure to industry best practices, socializing, and to share experiences for the advancement of the overall manufacturing industry.

Specifics on upcoming M2M events can be found in the sidebar at right.  Follow the links for additional information on registering.  Even if an event is not of immediate interest, you are encouraged to attend to hear the voices and experiences of your peer manufacturing businesses and add your voice to shape this initiative for the common good of the manufacturing community in this state. 

If you would be interested in participating as a regional co-host for an event, or if you have initiatives, processes, and/or facilities that you think would be of general interest for a group to tour, please contact Mike Nagle at or (402) 890-5020.