Integrated Lean Six Sigma Green Belt Course

Integrated Lean Six Sigma
Green Belt Course
Online Course runs Start Date: TBD

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This integrated (Online study followed by instructor-led cyber sessions) course will be 30 Hours Online content with 27 hours of instructor-led cyber sessions. Instructors will have “office hours” and each participant will have access to 10 hours over the length of the course for individual coaching.

Purpose of Workshop

This Lean Six Sigma course prepares participants to perform the role of a LSS Green Belt. Participants will have complete knowledge of the DMAIC and A3 methodologies, will have completed or almost completed a project by the end of the course to show ROI, and develop an understanding of how to use SigmaXL to analyze data.  


This course is an instructor-led, virtual environment, conducted in 16 – 2 hour sessions over an 8 week period.  Delivery will be via Zoom.  Chrome and Edge browsers are recommended. The instruction is a blend of lecture, application, and individual and team-based exercises. Participants will receive a copy of the latest version of SigmaXL statistical software. The instructor team will be available for individual coaching and each participant has 10 hours to use over the length of the course. 

Course Contents

1.1 Six Sigma Overview
1.2 Lean Fundamentals
1.3 The Fundamentals of Lean Six Sigma
1.4 Lean Six Sigma Projects

2.1 Process Definition
2.2 Six Sigma Statistics
2.3 Measurement System Analysis
2.4 Process Capability
2.5 Mapping the Process 

3.1 Patterns of Variation
3.2 Process Definition
3.3 Hypothesis Testing
3.4 Hypothesis Testing: Normal Data

4.1 Simple Linear Regression
4.2 Multiple Regression Analysis
4.3 Designed Experiments

5.1 Lean Controls
5.2 Statistical Process Control
5.3 Six Sigma Control Plans


$$2,800.00 **

Refund policy: 50% refund 14 days or more prior to the start of the course.
25% between 14 and 7 days prior to the start of the course.
0% within 6 days of the start of the course.

**In addition, participants will need SigmaXL (SPC software) which is included in the registration cost.

Course Instructors


Course Instructor and Coach

Tom Lawless

Tom Lawless is a results oriented and experienced leader who possesses excellent strategic and tactical skills and has aggressively created value, implemented change, and improved safety, quality, cost, and delivery for many corporations and military units over the past 30 years. Tom is a Master Black Belt in Lean Six Sigma and has a passion for training, process improvement, and change management. He is a proven leader, Lean Six Sigma enthusiast, and speaker, specializing in leadership, maintenance effectiveness, and changeover improvement. A trusted advisor to professionals from C-level executives to mid-level managers and hourly associates. Focuses on accountability through metrics allows the ability to focus closely on financial analysis and evaluation of product costing, value stream mapping and continuous improvement.

Tom is the founder and president of LeanTAC, an organization that utilizes the Total Productivity Improvement system which is a manufacturing strategy based on practices and principles developed and utilized by successful companies around the world. It is a continuous improvement methodology that teaches organizations to challenge the status quo, eliminate waste and create value. LeanTAC coaches using the Toyota Way methodology and train towards a deep understanding and application of the principles that drive everyone in the organizations towards daily improvement to achieve the overall goal of the business.



Participants will need to have a project to work on during the course and a discussion will be held with the participants prior to the start of the course to ensure it is appropriate.

Expected Schedule


Participants will be assigned modules to complete each week though some may wish to complete more than the assigned ones. Cyber instruction will occur once every other week lasting 3 hours and is designed to provide additional insight and instruction into the previous weeks online materials. T