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Thursday, March 25, 9:00 a.m.CT A webinar for company owners and leadership Get a Grip on Your BusinessFree yourself up to move in the direction you want, at the speed you want

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You’re the owner and you’re sitting in everyone else’s seats. There’s no structure, accountability, or priorities. It’s a constant struggle to gain the momentum required to run a thriving business. You need to get out of the weeds and back to working on your vision.

With a complete business model, a proven process, and a simple set of business tools, you align and synchronize all the moving parts of your business, powering it forward.

  • Apply the right tools at the right time to get the results you want
  • Flexible — successful in all size businesses and industries
  • Address all issues rather than just applying a spot treatment
  • Dig below the surface of issues and address their root causes
  • Understand how it all comes together with business operating systems used by fast-growing Nebraska manufacturers like Lincoln Tool & Design, Montag Manufacturing, and Paraclipse Systems

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The Self-Managing Company

Self-managing company book

Pinnacle Strategic Guidance for Business Growth

Pinnacle Guidebook


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John Fulwider

Business owners risk everything building their companies, yet they end up wearing too many hats and stuck in the weeds. John Fulwider helps them create a self-managing company that gives them the freedom to grow in the direction they want, at the speed they want. John focuses on four industries: Manufacturing, Building Trades, Construction, and Software/Technology.

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Live via Zoom.

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