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This diagnostic workshop is designed to provide a short overview of the FSMA Preventive Control Rules (Human, Animal, and Produce safety) for those employees working at food processing facilities and have not attended any formal FSMA training. This workshop starts with a 4-hour class designed to highlight the minimal requirements for each FSMA rule, explaining the importance of its implementation on their facilities. In addition to that session, one-on-one assistance basis will be provided by bringing our FSMA expert(s) to the food facility, giving personalized advice on how to start your food safety plan or by analyzing your current food safety plan.

Target Audience:

Human and Animal food manufacturers regulated by FDA:

  • Owners
  • Production Supervisors
  • Quality Assurance Managers
  • Other members of the food safety team

Learning Outcomes:

Provide knowledge to employees about the importance and requirements to comply under the FSMA rules.
Perform a gap assessment on your facility focusing on Current Good Manufacturing Practices, Determination of risk-based preventive controls, and implementation of preventive controls.

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Food Safety in the Heartland


Bismarck Martinez, Ph.D
Assistant Professor, Food Safety Specialist Nebraska Manufacturing Extension Partnership

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